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PeiTel phonemanager 3 software

EAN: 34534588
PeiTel phone manager SW

Phonemanager 3

The ideal software to support fleet management

The new Phonemanager 3 software saves time and guarantees save operation and application. A database based Windows® application that manages and assigns phone and device settings, operation modes and contacts for one or more PTCarPhone systems by wireless synchronization – everything is possible.
Phone book management for simple address and contact administration, e.g. deleting and editing
Setting different operation modes, e.g. blocking and unblocking access permissions
Over-the-Air software updates (OTA updates)

The Phonemanager 3 does not need an additional modem anymore, because it communicates via the Internet and GPRS to the PTCarPhone. New and changed settings will be stored on an FTP server, which transfers the stored settings to the PTCarPhone, the next time it is switched on. Color-coding in the software keeps you up-to-date with the transmission status of each setting.

The software is compatible with current Windows® versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8). An internet connection and an FTP server with read and write permissions are necessary to run the Phonemanager 3.
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